Essentials: Aloe


Aroga’s Aloe supports cell-to-cell communication, which occurs outside of the cell, giving you enhanced cellular health when taken together with Aroga’s Pathways core and Pathways Plus products.  Each Aloe capsule is hand-filled with Aroga’s proprietary blend of freeze-dried Aloe vera gels, which contain the broad range of poly-acetylated mannans, also known as acemannan, as found in Nature. 

Providing acemannan in the full range of molecular weights (all the different sizes of acemannan molecules found in nature) assures that the body has the size molecule it needs for any particular job.  In addition to direct use of various sizes of acemannan molecules, the body also needs individual mannose molecules to be absorbed into the bloodstream and distributed throughout the body for myriad uses, including cell-to-cell communication.

So, in Aloe, acemannan is available as small, medium-sized, and large molecules, available immediately for use by various cells, or broken down over time into mannose, so that the body has a continual supply of this important nutrient throughout the day. 


  • Large acemannan molecules are taken in directly by immune cells in the gut, which are stimulated only by the large acemannan molecule, and processed to support the various important functions of the immune system throughout the body.  Other cells need smaller acemannan molecules for proper function.  
  • Another excellent example is the important functions of probiotic bacteria in the gut.  Acemannan molecules that reach the lower GI tract intact can be used as food (called prebiotics) by good microbes in the gut.  Probiotic bacteria need all sizes of these carbohydrates for optimal benefits.  Smaller sizes are acted upon quickly, whereas the medium to large molecules provide food for long-term use, thus providing the body consistent probiotic activities throughout the day and night.



Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis Mill.)

Vegetarian Capsule (Pullulan)